A Hyderabadi tale told in Telangana lingo

Bhaaiyon aur behenon, maadi Hyderabad. Eeda gully gully lo wine shop untadi, mana gully lo manaki izzat untadi. Inkem kavaalra bhai? (Brothers and sisters, this is Hyderabad. We have a wine shop in every galli, and in our galli, we get respect. What else do you need, bro?),” says Sudhakar Komakula, in pakka Telangana dialect, in the recently released trailer of Nuvvu Thopu Ra.

The B Harinath Babu directorial sees Sudhakar play the lead role, and it’s safe to say that he’s already created quite a stir on social media, mostly thanks to thanks to the ease with which he speaks the local dialect. The role itself will be quite a memorable one, promises director Harinath. “The film revolves around Sudhakar’s character, Saroornagar  Suri, a BTech graduate who’s attached to Hyderabad. but somehow, he ends up in Salt Lake City, United States. The experiences he goes through is something that every.

Hyderabadi, both here and in the US, will relate to,” he says.

Talking about the USP of his film, Harinath says, “It’s got to be the Telangana dialect. But the difference is that unlike in other films which use Telangana as slang just for humour, here it’s the soul of the film. We use it to convey deliver a strong message. Dialogue writer Ajju Mahakali has done a fabulous job.”

His film might be pakka Hyderabadi, but his lead actor is a Vizag boy. How come? “I was impressed with Sudhakar when I saw him speak in Telangana slang in the trailer of Life is Beautiful — he was one of the first actors to do so. I think he is the perfect fit for this role. Nithya Shetty too was got on board because I was impressed with her work as a child artiste in Devullu. She pulled off her multi-faceted character with effortless ease,” he says.

The trailer of the film, which is gearing up for a May release, was launched by actor Prabhas recently. And Harinath considers this a milestone in his life. “I remember visiting the sets of Prabhas’ debut film Eeswar in 2002, just to observe how the film was being shot. And today, Prabhas has launched my film’s trailer. I consider myself lucky,” shares Harinath, who’s making his debut with this film.

Produced by Srikanth Daduvai and Dr.James Watt Kommu under United Films, Nuvvu Thopu Raa is releasing on May 3, 2019.

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