Jenelle Evans: No More Kids for Me! My Baby Factory is CLOSED!

Is Jenelle Evans a good mother LOL, just kidding.Jenelle basically shot to reality superstardom because she wasn’t a good mother — she was actually really, really bad at it.

The first season of Teen Mom 2 was an absolute disaster when it came to her scenes, and since then, she’s had two more children.Have things gotten better? Sure.But better certainly doesn’t mean good.

And that’s why the latest news concerning Jenelle’s reproductive systen is just so, so great.So Jenelle’s parenting skills … yeah, they’re not so great.After she gave birth to her first child, Jace, when she was 17 years old, and a few months later she lost custody of him to her mother.

The issue was that she just didn’t understand that you have to, like, take care of a baby — she honestly thought she could leave her newborn at home and party all night because he’d be sleeping anyway.
She once said that Jace didn’t need her because he had her mom, and that was true — Barbara stepped up to take care of him, and she’s never stopped.
For several years, Jenelle kept talking about how she was going to get Jace back without ever really putting in any work to reach that goal. Instead, she got arrested several times and developed a heroin addiction.

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