Khloe Kardashian to Tristan Thompson: You ABANDONED Our Daughter!

Now that Tristan’s various cheating scandals are part of her past, Khloe Kardashian is thinking about True’s future.But Tristan will always be part of her life — because they share a child.A report says that Tristan is all but ghosting his daughter, and Khloe is fumingover it

According to what sources tell Us Weekly, Khloe is majorly peeved with Tristan right now — and it’s not just over cheating.While it is sadly not a surprise to hear that he’s uninterested in acting like a father, it’s still said.

The report says that Khloe isn’t holding him to any unreasonable standards.

“Khloe understands he is on the road,” the source notes.the insider explains that Tristan has such a hectic schedule and mobile lifestyle “because of basketball.”And,” the source adds, Khloe’s baby daddy “lives in Cleveland.”

Gosh, remember when Khloe was fully planning on spending the rest of her life in Cleveland, Ohio?

We’re not saying that Tristan did her a favor by cheating on her, but … we’re glad that she’s surrounded by family.


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