Rakul plans to trek to the Himalayan base camp

Imagine a time when your friends run scared of you… It might be hard for most people to visualise that but for Rakul, it’s a reality. The actress, last seen in De De Pyaar De with Ajay Devgn and Tabu, is a stickler for time and hates being late, which is the reason her friends are scared to run late on a plan that she is a part of. It’s safe to assume that they are also assured that everything will run on schedule and look packed because Rakul detests delays or sitting idle.

We met Rakul recently and asked her about it. She told told us, “I can’t sit idle, that’s true. On a free day, I can’t imagine myself waking up at 12 and starting my day. I used to play golf when I was in college and I still try and make time for that. That’s usually followed by a fun brunch with friends, a session of work out and a movie. I am addicted to being fit, so I am obsessed with the way I eat. At times, I think I am a walking-talking time table. My friends really run scared because I am also very punctual. Sometimes, I feel maybe I need to calm down but there is so much I want to do in life that I can’t waste time. I want to trek to the Himalayan base camp the next time I have a break from work. I mean life has to have more experiences than just the work, right?”

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