Shah Rukh Khan approached to play a giant octopus-like creature in Shankar’s next?

For all that you know, 2.0 director Shankar has been looking forward to direct another sci-fi action thriller in 3D since quite some time now. While earlier it was reported that he’s keen on signing up Hrithik Roshan for the film; neither the actor nor the director issued any clarification there after. Now, the latest buzz is that Shah Rukh Khan is in the running to play the lead in this film which by the way is going to be an octopus-like creature posessing superhero powers. Yes…

Shah Rukh, who hasn’t announced any film after his last release Zero in December last year, was recently approached for this yet-to-be titled underwater adventure and Shankar is eagerly waiting to hear his response. The reason why Hrithik is said to have been dropped down from the film is because he’s most likely already on board with Farah Khan for Satte Pe Satta remake alongside War with Tiger Shroff, leaving no space to accommodate any other film.

“Shankar’s next movie after 2.0 is Indian 2, with Kamal Haasan but the director has been simultaneously on more than one project, one of which includes an underwater sci-fi film. Shankar had narrated the script to Hrithik months ago but buzz is that Hrithik has given the nod to Farah Khan’s Satte Pe Satta and his date diary is full with other movies so he won’t have time to do Shankar’s underwater action adventure-drama. Apparently, the filmmaker has now approached Shah Rukh for the same role. The talks are just in the very early stages. It’s an octopus-like creature who possesses superpowers and a superior intellect. It would be exciting to have SRK give his nod for this one as he and Shankar have never worked before earlier. Shankar is also said to have approached Jackie Chan, Tamil star Thalapathy (as known by his fans) Vijay and Chinese actress Li Bingbing for some pivotal roles. Shankar was keen to work with Hrithik Roshan but it didn’t work out.”

Elaborating on the story of this ‘one of a kind film’, the source further revealed how it revolves around a gigantic, octopus-like creature (which lives in the ocean) possessing special powers as an underwater diver, a treasure-hunter and a lighthouse keeper begin a search for it. Just like 2.0,  Shankar is yet again wanting to make it in 3D. “The octopus-like creature will be almost human and have a soul like ornithologist Pakshi Rajan (Akshay Kumar) in 2.0 – someone who can understand things and react to situations. There will be lots of high-octane action too. The octopus-like creature with superpowers, the underwater sci-fi movie, is a complex character and will have a strong background story as to how he became such. The script is complete. Now Shankar wants to pitch it to international studios for funding as the sci fi adventure drama is said to be an ambitious and extremely expensive venture – with a higher budget than 2.0”, reads the source report as quoted by the website.

It’s left to see if SRK really considers this film as his comeback to the movies. But let’s not forget, if at all he does then this movie won’t be out at least in the next two years given the technical concept of this whole underwater sci-fi. 


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