Ali Fazal tells his parents it’s World War 3 to keep them in the house amid Coronavirus pandemic

On one hand, containing the novel Coronavirus is giving the scientists a tough time, on the other hand, another hard nut to crack is making the elderly population understand why self quarantine is important. However, it seems like actor Ali Fazal has the solution for the latter issue.

Just recently, Riz Ahmed, a British actor, asked netizens on Twitter about how he should make his parents understand that they have to stay in the house owing to the pandemic. “Any ideas on how to tell our parents they’re grounded?” Ahmed tweeted. And to this, Ali replied with a hilarious tweet, saying, “I told them it’s WW3.”

Further, considering the pandemic Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal have even postponed their wedding date to the later half of 2020. They were planning to get hitched in the last week of April, but since safety comes first, the couple has decided to reschedule their wedding.

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