Deepika gets all romantic as she holds onto Ranveer’s hand

It’s not always necessary to express in words on what you feel about your special someone. Sometimes it’s small, unspoken gestures like holding hands, silently being supportive of each other in need that instantly makes you realise that no matter what, there’ll always be this one person who will love you for who you are and never let you walk alone. Well, Deepika Padukone’s recent Instagram post speaks volumes of this very expression of love.

Taking up to Instagram, the beauty who has already been indulging in excessive PDA with her lover boy Ranveer Singh since the last few days, just put up yet another romantic post, holding onto his hand saying, “There’s something so real about holding hands,some kind of complex simplicity,saying so much by doing so little…X.” Who else agrees with Deepika when it comes to this pure form of love? Not to mention, the way Ranveer and Deepika have held onto each other’s hands so firmly only proves how their bond is only growing stronger by the day. Here, check out the post below and we bet you will be in awe of DeepVeer, just like how their fans have their hearts melting in the comments of the post… 

While Ranveer has always been famous for his over-expressive side when it comes to letting the world know how much he loves his wifey Deepika Padukone; these last few days have been all about Deepika pouring her heart out on Ranveer. It all started on his birthday with Deepika using some 20 adorable adjectives to describe her beau in the cutest way possible. In case you haven’t seen her earlier posts as yet then here, scroll down below

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