Jason Momoa is not just a star but a super human being too

Jason Momoa is a lot of things awesome that make him one of Hollywood’s assets. Imagine, he managed to put some life into a lame superhero, Aquaman, which even beat the likes of Batman and Superman combined for DC Comics. Clearly, that is one big milestone to have achieved. Not to mention how his quirks and humour has brought him on the maps of filmmakers to be one of the most bankable stars. But there is more to Momoa’s awesomeness that we will discuss now. Oh, and by the way, Jason Momoa turns 40 today. Can you believe that? Well, you’re in for a treat because there are a lot of things about the Hawaiian stud that you probably don’t know. 

The on-screen Aquaman actually studied marine biology. Turns out, right after high school, the actor began studying marine biology. However, after a little bit of field research, he changed his major to wildlife biology. Perhaps that explains his thirst for adventure and staying close to water and nature.

While the handsome actor may have been lost in academia, his decision to return to Hawaii and reconnect with his father brought him Hollywood opportunities. But chilling amidst luscious nature is not his only favourite past time. The actor has varied interests that range from him trying pastel painting to learning Buddhist teachings.  

Thanks to his role as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, he received immense stardom. Also, the fact that he is simply astounding on camera and his off-screen personality is so lush make people automatically fall for his charm. Today, he has surely become a bankable actor, a box-office magnet, if you will. In fact, we will soon see him on Netflix and on the big screen as he gears up for a few projects under his wing. 

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