Jersey trailer: Nani and Shraddha Srinath’s sports drama

Nani’s upcoming film, Jersey, is one film fans are eagerly looking forward to. Nani had announced the release of the theatrical trailer of the film yesterday. Fans were hooked to social media since morning to catch the trailer of Jersey. Nani plays the role of an aspiring cricketer, who wants to make it big in the sport and is very ambitious about it. Shraddha Srinath plays his love interest who supports him in his dreams.

The two also share a lot of steamy, romantic scenes in the movie. It shows how Nani often lands in trouble by getting into physical fights with other guys.

The trailer then cuts to 10 years later when the two are married to each other and even have a son. However, his sports career has taken a serious hit and he is unemployed which makes her the only person striving to make ends meet.

They are obviously in a very bitter marriage since things didn’t really turn out the way they expected it to. She is seen lashing out at him every now and then. She loses her cool further when she sees him trying to steal money from her purse. Nani then decides to change for better so his son 

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