Lauren Gottlieb on her absence from the film industry

It was in 2013 that ABCD: Any Body Can Dance released and impressed the viewers and critics alike. Of all the performers, one actress who caught everyone’s eye was Lauren Gottlieb. But after the success of her film, Lauren went missing in action for a long time. 

The actress has now opened up everything that happened in between. Baring her heart, Lauren has revealed how she fell into the trap of fame and fortune. 

She shared how despite putting up a happy front on social media, she was extremely sad in real life and was relying on alcohol and prescription drugs among other things to find her happiness. 

“On the social media I continued to present a happy-go-lucky face, but deep down, I was sad and unhappy, seeking solace in alcohol, prescription drugs or anything that could make me happy.”

After a two-year-long battle to find her feet again, Lauren is finally able to talk about it. The actress recalled how she was up for a lead in Step Up 4 but was devasted after she lost the role to a friend of hers. It was immediately after this that the makers of ABCD sent her an official mail for the film. She further shared how she never opened up about her feelings but her face said it all. When people used to flock for photos, Lauren said she felt as if they were taking something away from her. 

“I used to cry all through the long flight from US. But the second I landed, I used to shut off my emotions.  I felt so empty,” she has been quoted as saying. 

Buried under the weight of expectations, Lauren recalled being sidelined during the release of ABCD2 and shared that she “didn’t find any support” from the people who she wanted to call family in India.

Things are now looking up for the actress, who aims to travel to new places and share and learn from new experiences. 


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