Twinkle Khanna: Onions are a girl’s best friends

It looks like Twinkle Khanna can’t stop obsessing over the new onion earrings that actor and husband Akshay Kumar gifted to her.

She took to Instagram on Saturday to share a picture of her onion earrings once again, which have now started sprouting shoots.

Posting a selfie wearing the earrings made of onion, Twinkle captioned: “From one shoot to another:) I am glad I got the chance to wear my priceless gifts that were brought home from a shoot, before they started sprouting shoots themselves:) #OnionsAreAGirlsBestFriends”.

Commenting on Twinkle’s post, a user jokingly commented: “Ma’am onion is 200 rs/kg in India. Be careful. Your ears can be harmed”.

Another user wrote: “Ha ha ha priceless Twinkle ji”.

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