X-Men Dark Phoenix final trailer: Sophie Turner is a total BADASS

This is it! The final X-Men movie – X-Men Dark Phoenix just released its final trailer and it is the best one yet. It is action-packed and full of badass moments, so we can call it the ‘boom’ trailer. While for the newer fans of the franchise, this was exciting as it was powerful to watch, but for those who have been following the X-Men films since the first one in the year 2000, this film was a walk down memory lane because it has so many moments of nostalgia.

Started by director Bryan Singer, X-Men with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier and Sir Ian McKellen as Magneto are characters that have been etched in the memory of fans. Fortunately, actors James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender have turned out to be apt replacements to play the younger versions of Professor X and Magneto.

In the new trailer, there is arguably but one money shot. It is when Jean Grey asks Magneto – ‘Are you threatening me?’ and he says “Yes, I am,” she just rips his helmet apart with her telekinesis powers and shoves him out of the window like he’s a piece of cake. We all know how powerful Magneto is, don’t forget, he went toe-to-toe against Apocalypse. So, for him to be manhandled like that is something, isn’t it?

So far from the trailer we know that the X-Men go into space on a rescue mission to save a US spacecraft. However, upon their return to their own aircraft, they realise that Jean has been left behind. The X-Men watch Jean get attacked by an unknown space entity. Eventually, she gets back to earth with them but no longer just as Jean Grey but as Phoenix.

The studio has already confirmed that this will be the final instalment of the 18 year long running X-Men franchise. Some would say that the first X-Men film was the one that started the resurgence of comic book films on the big screen and others would contend that it is like an era coming to an end. Be that as it may,

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